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International screenwriting competition offering a $10,000 option fund as well as access to +50 OSCAR & BAFTA-winning production companies & agencies

Also get mentored by a three-time EMMY-nominee.

Who we are and what we offer


Recognized by MovieBytes as one of the TOP SCREENPLAY CONTESTS for 2022, The Golden Script Competition is a yearly international competition for short, feature and TV pilot screenplays from all around the world.

The best scripts of the 2023 edition will be read by some of the most renowned production companies & literary agencies (including some that have won several OSCARS and BAFTAS), giving you the chance to have your script produced or represented. Our mentors include two-time Oscar-winner Paul Haggis (postponed until further notice) and three-time Emmy-nominee Jessica Sharzer (TBC).

One script will receive a $10,000 option fund from Lucky Elephant Media in the 2023 Edition (TBC). The top 15 FEATURE and 9 TV PILOT scripts of the year are eligible for the option fund. All eligible scripts will be read by Lucky Elephant Media, and thus more than one script can be considered for further options and development.

We promote our best scripts of each year by creating a list called The Golden List. It is then made available to producers and directors looking for unproduced scripts. For the chance to be included, submit now.



Submit via our ENTRY FORM, FilmFreeway, Coverfly or ISA


Earlybird Deadline: October 27, 2022


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Ways to improve and promote your screenplay


1on1 Consultation

A one hour 1on1 online consultation via Skype or Zoom with the reader of your short, feature or TV pilot screenplay. We will help you improve your screenplay in terms of format, story, characters, dialogue, and so on or simply work on revisions

Proofreading & Formatting

Let our native English speakers proofread and format your script. We'll check the grammar and syntax, typos, mechanical errors, spell check, and formatting (dialogue, scene headings, transitions, parantheticals, and action/scene descriptions)


Request a feedback, promotional review or an in-depth critique for your short, TV pilot or feature screenplay

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What screenwriters say

Martin R.

“An absolute must for every budding screenwriter. The exceptional feedback I received for my entry was balanced, well thought out and constructive.”

Alberto B.

“One of the best screenwriting competitions I've ever entered. A well run contest with all the earmarks of becoming a long running staple in the industry.”

Heidi W.

“Professional people who actually READ my screenplay. I got wonderful feedback about my screenplay and a helpful suggestion to improve one little part."

Gio F.

“The Golden Script Competition is fast rising as one of the most respected and prestigious script competitions in the business."



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