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Announcing the $10,000 Guaranteed Option Fund

The Golden Script Competition is excited to announce a $10,000 guaranteed fund for one FEATURE or TV PILOT script in 2022 from our partners Lucky Elephant Media. The guaranteed fund will be announced after the Golden List announcement on July 10th, 2022.

It’s important to note the option fund winner can be different from our first, second, or third place winner in the competition. The winner of the fund will also receive creative development from us.

The winner, chosen by Lucky Elephant Media, is picked from the Golden List of 2022 and will receive the grant offer within 90 days.

The top 15 FEATURE and 9 TV PILOT scripts of 2022 are eligible and will be read by Lucky Elephant Media, which will pick one. Any other script could be potentially considered for further options and development.

In order to qualify, all you have to do is submit to The Golden Script Competition's 2022 edition, and hope that your script is included in the yearly Golden List of 2022. Submissions can be made here.

Lucky Elephant Media is a Production House investing and producing in the Film, Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Beauty, Food, and Healthcare industries. Films executive produced by Lucky Elephant Media includes Ghostbusters Afterlife, Pieces of a Woman, Respect, and Fatherhood.

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