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Top Screenwriting Related YouTube Channels

Whether you have ten years of experience with writing scripts or have just started, it's always a good idea to continue learning about the craft. Like anything else, neglecting your ability to learn more about the subject will hinder you from adequately growing and reaching your full potential.

Luckily for you, there is an abundance of information online pertaining to screenwriting that you can efficiently utilize to help you in the subject. No matter your experience, there is a plethora of information for you to utilize. Not doing so is neglecting your ability to grow as a writer, and who doesn't want to improve?

Of the information available online, YouTube has become one of the biggest platforms available to learn about anything. Although YouTube has all forms of entertainment and education on its platform, there is an abundance of screenwriting channels on it as well.

With this in mind, we're going to highlight the top screenwriting related YouTube channels. As noted, all of these channels will offer you something different from another that you'll surely get something out of. Let's take a look!

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Since forming in 2010, FAST Screenplay has emerged as one of the best indie-style screenplay channels on YouTube. Originally dedicated one upload a day to the world of screenwriting, the channel has slowed down and uploads a few times enough.

However, don't let their recent lack of uploads sway you from checking out their channel. You'll find an endless amount of material related to tips for writing, completing your writing, and virtually everything related to the craft of screenwriting. It's an excellent site that is worth checking out, no matter your experience.

Since its formation in 2010, The Script Lab is one of the best channels to hear advice and tips directly from writers. Specializing in showing writing tips and tricks from award-wining screenwriters, this is a fantastic channel for people who are looking to learn from the masters of writing, and for just fans of films.

Since the channel has A-level status writers on its show, they only upload every 4 to 6 months. Although it’d be great to see the channel have a more regularly based upload schedule, it makes sense why they don’t. Still, it’s an excellent channel with a plethora of advice from the best writers in the business.

As writers, we all have an understanding of the Writers Guild. Eventually, becoming a member of the guild is a high achievement that'll make any writer proud. Writers Guild Foundation is a channel dedicated to everything and anything pertaining to screenwriting. The channel features roughly two videos a week that feature a variety of tips, tutorials, stories, and guest appearances from top screenwriters.

Outside of tutorials and tips, the channel has an abundance of personal interviews with all of the top writers, directors, and actors in the business. Regardless of your position on screenwriting, this is a fantastic channel that has a little bit of everything in the world of entertainment.

Film Courage prides itself as being a channel where movie and tv professionals share their wisdom regarding the subject. Obviously, with these two subjects in mind, there’s an endless amount of content related to screenwriting. Whether it’s character development, starting or finishing a screenplay, pitching a story, and so on, the channel has you covered.

Content-wise, the channel is very prolific. You can expect a video from them once a day, but be mindful some of their videos feature lessons related to filmmaking as well as screenwriting. Basically, anything involved in the world of entertainment is featured on their channel.

Tyler Mowery is a YouTuber dedicated to the world of screenwriting. His website prides itself on teaching writers of all levels on how to master their craft of screenwriting. Mowery’s YouTube channel takes a similar notion and offers a variety of tips, lessons, and stories related to the subject.

Mowery uploads roughly once a week, so expect a decent amount of content from the channel. Plus, if you’re looking for more information from Mowery, be sure to visit or check out his book, Practical Screenwriting.


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