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What is The Golden List?

Each year in July, we promote our best 21 / 30* scripts in the competition by creating a list called a Golden List. We then make the list available to most of our partners, as well as to creative executives, producers or directors who can find more information about the scripts there with the option to request them. Note that except from our partners and our direct contacts, no one will be able to read the scripts without the writers' consent. *starting from July 2020.

How does one qualify for The Golden List?

One would need to simply submit to our competition. If they win or are nominated (while still placed in the TOP 30), they will be included.

How is the list divided?

We include our best 15 feature scripts, 9 TV pilots* and 6 short scripts of the year. *starting from July 2020.

What happens when someone requests one's script?

When someone requests a script, we will forward their e-mail address to the writers/authors directly.

Are produced screenplays excluded from the list?

To be featured on the list all scripts would need to be unproduced at the moment of the yearly list announcement (end of July of each year). If a script has been produced prior to that, we will replace it with the next unproduced script (based on its placement in the competition). In this regard, we cannot guarantee their availability.

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