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Dallas Gibson, 2017 WINNER

Since finishing third in the 2017 edition of The Golden Script Competition with his script OVERWATCH, Dallas has written six more feature screenplays with several winning awards in Italy, India, Australia and back in the United States. OVERWATCH in particular, was picked up to be produced by Tammie Smith and Smith International Productions in July of this year! "So a big thank you to The Golden Script Competition, since earning my first award there in 2017 my writing has been continued to be noticed around the world."


Martin Richmond, 2018 FINALIST

The screenplay that reached the finals in 2018 has had a major make-over and is now in the hands of an award-winning director seeking funding. "I have to thank The Golden Script for giving me the courage to further my work, because if it hadn't been for your positive vibes in placing me in the finals and indicating that my work showed merit I may not have pursued it with as much confidence. Also the feedback I was given was very valuable as other script competitions for similar work were less than kind and only concentrated on the negative which tends to kill any confidence stone dead. Since the 2018 competition I have had several positive results for my short screenplays in the USA, winning a Royal Wolf Film award (LA) and Best International Short Script with Oregon Scream Week festival."

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Paul Hunt, 2017 FINALIST

Since 2017 he has directed a short documentary for the BBC called 'A Hidden Portrait', shot a proof-of-concept for 'End of Line' - the script he submitted to us for the 2017 competition. He also debuted a short play 'The Intense Humming of Christmas' at The Other Room Theatre in Cardiff and he is now working with them on his first full-length play. He won the Drama Award at the Cannes Screenplay Contest in 2017 and has just won the European Independent Film Festival's 'More Than a Screenplay Award'. He is now working with a Royal Television Society and BAFTA nominated director and producer on a couple of short projects and hope to find funding for his feature work off the back of this.  He signed with his first agent back in July 2020.

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Ryan Henry Knight, 2019 WINNER

Since winning in 2019, his fashion film, THE SILENCE IS BLACK AND WHITE, was an official selection at BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival in the UK. He also directed some promotional material for Google and their Digital Coaches Program. His two other short films YOU ALMOST SAW ME and LUDERE finished up beautiful festival runs, playing in festivals all over the world. He has recently won Best Directing for YOU ALMOST SAW ME at the Trinity Film Festival in Connecticut. Leading into 2020, he started to wrap up pre-production for AND HOME WE CAME. During May and June he started a nonprofit called BLACK-PLANET ORG, which is a creative arts organization dedicated to the growth of people within the African Diaspora through arts and education. He's also been working closely with Cary Fagan, a brilliant artist from Houston. He had the pleasure of directing some commercials for his brand, Timeless Goods, which recently collaborated with Beyoncé on her BLACK IS KING project.

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Matt McLaughlin, 2018 FINALIST

Matthew has won a few competitions since being a finalist at The Golden Script Competition of 2018. His TV Pilot "Sepulchre" won the best script at the Los Angeles Cinefest of 2018 and the best series script at The Script and Storyboard Showcase in 2020. His script "Back When" won the best script at the Life After Life Film Festival in 2018. And finally, the script he submitted to us, "Hollywood Heists", won the best concept script at the Queen Palm Film Festival in 2018. He has partnered with BBC Studios on a docu-series that he's been producing over the past year, and at the moment he is waiting to hear back from Netflix regarding a distribution deal.


Andrew Ward, 2017 FINALIST

Since being nominated for The Golden Script's Best Script Award,  he has five award-winning scripts, with nominations across six continents. He was signed by an agent and now has a contract with a film production company to produce his work. "Thank you for the opportunity, it really spurred me on and gave me belief in myself."

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Florence Nahon, 2019 FINALIST

Since the 2019 competition, Florence has won a few more "Best Screenplay" awards, with her scripts "Bella Loba" and "Unfaithful by Nature" being awarded at festivals such as Golden Earth Film Award and Austin Micro Short Film Festival, while also being nominated at three more competitions. With the script she submitted to The Golden Script Competition "White Wolf, Black Wolf", she was also a finalist at both Oaxaca Film Fest in Mexico and at Screenplay Festival in the US. She is currently represented by an agent in Spain.


Robert Cole, 2017 FINALIST

His historical drama-thriller "The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest, and The Gypsy," has continued to accumulate awards from Vienna, Austria to Singapore, to the U.S. to Sicily. He has received a double recommend" from a Stage 32 IP on his historical drama screenplay, "The Musketeers and The Zombies." His other script, "Scarlet's Ghosts" received a best comedy screenplay award. To date, he has received close to a hundred official selections and awards for his screenplays and TV pilots. He is represented by agent Alexandra Maramenides of Reve Agency. 

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Sophia Costanzo, 2019 WINNER

Since winning, Sophia has produced some more short films, and the script that she won with did well in other competitions. Additionally, she produced and filmed a short documentary entitled "Remembering Cuba", and wrote and directed a short film entitled "Father Daughter", for which she has finished production and which has screened at a variety of festivals. She is also in post production on another short called "Spotlight Starring Daisy Mulvey", which is an official selection of Series Fest.