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2024 Golden Script Competition Winner to Get Mentored by OSCAR-Nominee Mark Fergus

We're excited to announce our newest mentorship program featuring acclaimed writer and Academy Award nominee Mark Fergus. Fergus is celebrated for his outstanding work in the film industry, having crafted memorable scripts for hits like Children of Men (2006), Iron Man (2008), and The Expanse (2015). His broad range of expertise across various genres has solidified his reputation as a skilled and adaptable writer.

As part of this exciting collaboration, the recipient of the 2024 Golden Script Competition Winner will enjoy a priceless opportunity: an hour-long, one-on-one masterclass with Mark Fergus. Coinciding with the winners' announcement, this session will feature Fergus reading the selected script, offering insightful analysis, sharing his perspectives, and engaging in a Q&A session with the recipient.

Being nominated for an Academy Award is a testament to one's talent and dedication in the film industry. Therefore, the privilege of directly interacting with and receiving guidance from a luminary like Mark Fergus is a truly inspiring honor.

The GOLDEN FEATURE SCRIPT winner will also receive access to 60+ production companies and agencies, a GUARANTEED Golden List Inclusion, a 1yr ISAConnect Membership worth $120, a one 4 month InkTip Pro Membership worth $130, an Unlimited Subscription @ Filmarket Hub & Spotlight Mailing to Filmarket Hub's International Database, a 1yr Screenwriting Staffing Membership worth $130, a 1yr FILMUSTAGE subscription worth $468, 5 Pitches on Virtual Pitch Fest (VPF), a Trophy and an Award Certificate.


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