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How Screenwriting Can Improve Your Writing Skills

As writers, we understand the importance of being creative, original, and having a strong work ethic. These factors are especially the case when we consider the importance of constantly improving our writing day in and day out.

Surprisingly enough, screenwriting is one of the most effective ways any type of writer can improve their writing. Meaning it’s a tool that a lot of journalists, novelists, and other forms of writers never consider to attempt.

It’s important to highlight why screenwriting is so helpful for writers, what their specific screenplay can be out, and certain tips surrounding the subject. Allowing writers to constantly improve and achieve their goals with their craft.

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How Screenwriting Helps

The main factor as to why this helps people’s writing skills is because of how it highlights the importance of getting to the point. Since producers and executives in the film industry never want to read a screenplay that “reads like a book”, they stress the importance of not wasting the audience’s time.

That same notion can be spread across all forms of writing. When a writer writes a news article, no one wants to random a bunch of pointless banter before the writer finally gets to the actual story.

The same idea applies to fiction. Just like a film, a good book will have a three-act structure. The first act is about the introduction of the main characters while giving a general idea about the story. Right away, we understand who our hero is and what their goals are.

The second act is about raising the stakes, and an obstacle happens to the main character that hurts their plan to achieve their goal. This part of the script tends to be broken up in a part one and part two manner.

The third act is about the conclusion of the story and so on. While writing a screenplay, it’ll enhance the writer’s ability to not waste people’s time. Even longer novels have a certain structure like this.

From a creative standpoint, it’ll help the writer’s ability to come up with interesting and original ideas. Factors that are extremely important in the writing world.

What to Write About

The fun part about a screenplay is that writers have the option to write about anything. Meaning if they want to write a horror film about robots, they can. If they want to write a love story about robots, they can. If they want to write a story that has nothing to do with robots, they can.

If a writer is clueless on what to write their screenplay about, they can start by writing about something that happened to them. This will get their creative juices flowing and cause them to begin writing on their actual screenplay.


As writers, it’s important to write every single day so that we’re constantly improving. Otherwise, we risk the dangerous water of writer’s block. Fun and creative writing like screenwriting can help eliminate any chance of developing a negative tendency in the artform.


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