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Most Interesting Topics to Write About in 2020

No matter what kind of writer someone is, it all begins with a vision. Whether that vision is a self-reflection, a story idea, an inspired piece, an abstract work, or something else, it begins with the person and their thought process.

Once an idea is in its early stages before the writing process, it’s important for the writer to plan and be constantly writing properly. Otherwise, the writing project may fall behind and not meet the writer’s expectations.

In simple terms, the most interesting topics to write about in 2020 have to do with originality, the genre, technique, and much more. Without diving into too much detail, this article will highlight the most popular topics to write about in 2020.

The Topics

As noted, down below are a few of the most interesting topics to write about in 2020.

Comic Book Adaptations

This is a bit of no brainer. Since the start of the 21st century, comic book adaptations have become humungous in the world of cinema. There are several adaptations that are released every year; most of which sell and market very well.

Luckily enough for writers, there’s enough source material from comics that haven’t been touched yet in the screenplay world. Something to consider for writers in this realm.

Historical/Period Pieces

People love nostalgia. This is especially noted when it’s an exciting or important piece in history. For example, the story can be about early civilizations in the United States, early stages of stand up comedy, a war story, or anything from the past for that matter.

Urban Life

In the past, films were primarily filled with all-white casts and stories around those subjects.

Today, we understand what equality is and why it matters in cinema. Therefore stories about urban life, women, and so on are some of the most popular topics to write about in 2020.

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Other Ideas

Down below are a few broader topics to help generate the overall screenwriting thought process.

Personal Experience - If a writer had a traumatic or interesting experience happen in their life, bringing their story to life on paper is perfect for this scenario.

Crossing Genres - In the world of writing, the crossing of genres has become more and more popular. Meaning you might see or read something with multiple tone elements. It can be anything from a horror-comedy to a science fiction-love piece.

Standard Genres - This highlights all of the genres for writers to choose from. The most popular genres are horror, science fiction, adventure, comedy, western, animation, crime, romance, action, documentary, and much more.


Besides noting what is popular to write about this year, writers should realize the only aspect of writing that’s important is what they want to write about. Otherwise, their writing will be soulless and not have that dream-chasing vision that they should have.


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