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We are absolutely thrilled to announce the GOLDEN LIST of 2023!

Well done to all those who made it onto the list! The compilation aims to boost the visibility of our top 15 unproduced feature scripts, 6 short scripts, and 9 TV pilot scripts for this year. Additionally, the list will be accessible to the majority of our partners, creative executives, producers, and directors (post strike).

Feel free to also check the previous Golden Lists.

As in the past, the chosen scripts cover a broad spectrum of subjects, from a suspenseful farm drama set in Ireland, a grieving ballerina that follows the guidance of a mysterious voice, a deadly playdate involving an autistic boy, two best friends that fake their death to escape student loans, an African American slave that becomes involved in Mexico's fight for independence, a dystopian class swap gamble, and numerous other intriguing stories.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful edition. See you in 2024 - you can now submit your short, feature or TV pilot script via our ENTRY FORM, Coverfly, FilmFreeway or ISA

Looking forward to reading your script!

Best wishes,

The Golden Script Competition Team


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