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Top Screenwriting Magazines that you Should Research

When it comes to screenwriting, there is an abundance of information related to the subject available for us to ingest. More particularly, there are a number of magazines available that every screenwriter should research.

The only way to properly improve as a screenwriter is to dive headfirst into everything and anything related to the subject. Yes, practice and work are just as important, but truly immersing yourself into the field is ideal for all writers.

With this in mind, we’re going to highlight the top screenwriting magazines that you should research. All of these magazines will offer you something valuable related to the field of screenwriting. No matter your experience, you’ll surely get something out of these magazines.

Be sure to check out each of these magazines, and research other ones that didn't end up making the list. There are several magazines available that are surely worth visiting, so why not check them out? Nonetheless, let's get started!

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Script Magazine is the number one source for everything and anything related to screenwriting. Script Magazine is a required stop for any scriptwriter searching for an actual physical magazine and an online resource.

Upon your visitation of Script Magazine, expect to find several tips, articles, news, lessons, interviews, and countless other information related to the subject. It's an incredible resource for screenwriting, and every writer should check it out.

Content-wise, Script Magazine has approximately 30 publications a year but has more resources available on their website. Either way, it’s the premier destination for screenwriting, so why waste any time before visiting it?

As far as the world related to learning screenwriting goes, Screenwriting U Magazine is the place to visit for this need. Outside of pure news, Screenwriting U Magazine prides itself on being a one-stop visitation for everything related to teaching screenwriting.

Expect to find several classes and services related to screenwriting. Although beginners will surely get the most out of the magazine, they certainly have enough information available for experts on the subject.

Although it primarily functions as an online resource, Creative Screenwriting prides itself on being the website for screenwriters. It's challenging to find a better site for screenwriters, and it's a required stop for any writer in the field.

Expect to find news, tips, articles, tutorials, reviews, and interviews on the site. Although it’s not as common in a physical form anymore, it’s still one of the most popular magazine screenwriting websites available. Definitely check it out and see how the site interests you.

Similar to previous magazines on this list, Screenwriting Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to the world of screenwriting. The site features an abundance of information related to writing for film, writing for television, tutorials, interviews, documentaries, and classes.

Whatever you find yourself interested in with scripts, be sure to visit the site to understand exactly what the site has to offer. Although the magazine only uploads a new piece of content every week or so, it's still an excellent resource for what's already on the site.

Scriptologist is an online magazine dedicating itself as a portal for screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors. Although the site has a bit of vintage appeal to it, the actual content on the website is fantastic. Don't let the appearance of the site sway you from enjoying what's actually on it.

The site features interviews, news, tips, and much more. One of the most appealing aspects of the site is its agent and publication list that's available directly to the public. Coming up with a list of agents and publications is useful for any writer, which is why it's excellent the magazine provides this to the public.

Although Filmmaker Magazine is primarily dedicated to the world of filmmaking, the magazine still features plenty of resources and information related to screenwriting. Thus, why the magazine made our list.

Nonetheless, the magazine has virtually everything related to filmmaking on its site. Expect to find various columns, filmmaking tips, festival and event information, interviews, videos, and tutorials related to the world of filmmaking. Since screenwriting is a significant landscape of filmmaking, you'll find a plethora of useful information.


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