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We are so delighted and proud to finally announce the GOLDEN LIST of 2021

Congratulations to everyone who was included! The list is meant to help promote our best 15 unproduced features, 6 shorts and 9 TV pilot scripts of the year. It will also be made available to most of our partners, as well as to creative executives, producers or directors who can find more information about the scripts there with the option to request them. Note that no one will be able to read the scripts without the consent of the writer/s.

Have a look at the list here and don't forget to spread the word:

Feel free to also check the previous Golden Lists.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful edition (the best so far!). See you in 2022 - you can now submit your short, feature or TV pilot script on FilmFreeway, Coverfly, ISA or here:

Looking forward to reading your amazing script!

Best wishes,

The Golden Script Competition Team

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